Wilson Smith Wellness Services is the dream and brainchild of Roy.V.Tellis.
He is an internationally certified 12 Step Counsellor, Substance Abuse Counsellor and Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counsellor. His mission brought him back to his homeland, India, where he set upon the task to create a bespoke recovery program specifically designed to counteract alcohol, drug and gambling addiction amongst other stress and lifestyle related issues.

This thereby became an imperative part of his vision, which was to help the common Indian man receive maximised treatment for addiction, that too in a secure space with ethical measures of treatment. Roy states, “Given the right environment of nature and nurture paired with the specific goals of the 12 step program, it is most likely so that the patient leaves not only recovered but ‘reborn’ in a manner of a sort.” He goes on to state, “Anyone Can Recover, If I could, then you can too.”

Over the years the web of addiction grows wider and more unmanageable with primitive methods of treatment. More and more of us unknowingly or knowingly fall prey to these terrible diseases. In the past our program has helped people overcome life stressors and problems utilizing our ‘design for living’. Wilson Smith Wellness Services aspires to help people recover from all forms of addiction through guided personal growth and change. The solution at the heart of the Wilson Smith program is a spiritual and personality change. This makes for a vital long-term recovery. We want everyone who walks through our doors to truly rediscover freedom and newfound happiness nevertheless rediscover themselves in the bargain.