Alcohol is one of the most commonly consumed intoxicating substances on earth.
Nearly 15% of individuals who "try" alcohol develop a dependency to it, and become alcoholics. Alcohol poses major and minor threats to a number of bodily functions and organs.

Alcoholism is a primary, progressive, chronic, genetic disorder and if untreated, a fatal illness wherein the user or the alcoholic has no control over their usage of the substance and the only treatment is complete abstinence from the substance. The clinical name for being addicted to alcohol or drugs is Substance Dependence. Alcoholism is a seductive and persistent disease, which if gone unchecked moves from an early stage where the substance appears helpful to an uncontrollable craving. It can also be characterised as a mental obsession.

Alcohol Addiction Signs:
• Anxiety
• Performing poorly at work
• Poor judgment and decisions
• Displays abnormalities of skin, eyes, coordination, and/or speech pattern
• Frequently becomes ill
• Memory loss
• Develops legal and/or financial problems