I have full faith that your knowledge experience and unconditional giving will be a greatest help to people of india in recovery that they’re needed desperately. Thank you very much from coming back we need you very much.


– Neeta

I’ve known Roy for 14.5 years. I will always remember how long I’ve known Roy. Roy was there for me in the beginning. I was a human train wreck. When many people avoided me because of my physical condition and my emotional instability Roy walked toward me and not away. His reassurance that I would become well is something I will never forget. I Highly Recommend Wilson Smith Recovery Services. Roy has my permission to give my tel # to anyone , anywhere, @ anytime to explain further or to be of Service to anyone suffering from addiction.


– Atul

Have met the team behind this venture, and their philosophy, strategy and approach are excellent. They also really do care about this cause and the quality of their entire operation.


– Michael

Need more of this kinda stuff in India – for India. Great stuff Roy. All the best.


– Natasha